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A Guide To Outdoor Lighting

Nov. 15, 2021

Outdoor Lighting

1)What is outdoor lighting ?

Outdoor lighting is usually for outdoor using, and the IP rate must be over IP44 , do you know what is the IP rate? Now let me explain it to you. IP mean is Ingress protection. There are two digit number following the IP. the first digit is for Solids production. The second digit number is for Liquids protection. For our outdoor lighting, the IP rate all depend on the custom’s requirement.

2)why do we need to use outdoor light ?

There are three importance reasons to use outdoor lighting. 

First , outdoor lighting can make out of your house safer, when you and your guess come to your home at night, they will able to see the pathways, entrances and gateways more clearly.  

Secondly, for the security, if outside of your home were very light up, then the burglars and vandals are not able to incline.  

The last one is for decoration. Choosing the right exteriors light for the outside of your home requires an understanding of its purpose. 


Outdoor Lighting

YeJin lighting has two range of outdoor lighting options for customer: outdoor wall light and garden light.

All of our outdoor wall lights not only look very great with high quality , but also with acceptable price . we have to options for the outside wall lamp. one is traditional lamp without lighting source, that mean you can choose whatever bulb you want. You can buy a warm light bulb or you can use bulb in different CCT. If the bulb broken, then you also can replace it. Other one is built in the LED lighting source. From traditional outdoor wall light to those with the most modern furniture implements, the exteriors lamp brings life to a space and can fit in a variety of styles.

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